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10 Best LED Desk Lamps of 2021 — Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

10 Best LED Desk Lamps 2021

Best led desk lamps are really great invention. There are many kinds of led desk lamps available in the market now. Even desk lamps are in all shapes, sizes, wattage, and prices. So check out our top 10 best led desk lamps in 2021 reviews and buy your best one.

You will discover here the best led desk lamps for perusing, office work, itemized errands, the ones that ensure your eyes and upgrade your efficiency.

Be that as it may, as a matter of first importance, let us clarify our decisions of the best led desk lamps, which are on the whole LEDs.

The best TaoTronics TT-DL11 LED Desk Lamp has a sturdy metal form and a flexible neck, arm and head to give you the best light point.

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What the reason to Use an LED Desk Lamp?

LED lights are turning into the standard in home and office lighting lately. What’s more, it is for various reasons. However, with regards to work area lights, is LED a superior decision contrasted with different items? What’s more, in what capacity? How about we investigate what LED work area lights bring to the table.

Greater Versatility in Color Temperature

Most if not every single customary light have fixed light shading temperature. The issue is you don’t for the most part utilize a light for a sole single reason. In any event, for perusing, once in a while it’s a very dry specialized book that necessities bunches of basic reasoning and fixation to process, other time a sentimental novel that expects you to dream as you read.

Present day LED lights have it made sense of. A light would now be able to offer a wide scope of shading temperature, from rest inciting orange light (1600K) to sharpness animating pale blue white (6000K), and everything in the middle. Joined with the dimmability, this makes LED lights the best for your eyes, and the most effortless to be utilized for any reasons and settings.

Substantially Less Maintenance

Driven bulbs are renowned for enduring long. A decent bulb gloats to most recent 50,000 hours. That implies whenever utilized 8 hours per day, the bulb can most recent 17 years!

In this way, you won’t need to change a bulb once in a while. That is one less thing to stress over. When you’re at your work area, you can put full concentrate on your assignment as opposed to suspecting if it’s an ideal opportunity to purchase another bulb, and where to dispose of the bygone one.

Driven Lamps Save the Environment

A LED bulb utilize 95 percent of the power it gets to create light, rather than a fluorescent which convert 95 percent of the force into heat. This not just methods a LED work area light, which is put near your chest area, doesn’t feel so hot and won’t make your eyes and skin that dry. It likewise implies that the light needs substantially less capacity to deliver a similar measure of light as a flourescent does.

Therefore, a LED light emanates significantly less carbon dioxide contrasted with other light sources. Likewise, on account of its solidness, you can utilize it for any longer time without changing the bulb. That means substantially less trash for the earth!

They Save Money in Long Term

Driven lights cost increasingly forthright. The explanation is that it is as yet a somewhat new innovation, which brings about the high creation costs. In spite of the fact that the costs have been bringing down as of late, a LED light can in any case cost 2 or multiple times a glowing light.

The thing is, on the grounds that it utilizes considerably less force, LED spares you on the month to month bills. It follows through on off the cost distinction after about a year. And afterward you’ll appreciate 16 years of low power cost.

While this doesn’t appear to be noteworthy on an individual or family level, citywide or across the country, billions of dollars can be spared with the straightforward decision of utilizing lights with the innovation.

Best LED Desk Lamps of 2021-Reviews

The Best Led Desk LampNamePrice
Best Led Desk Lamp to Buy in 2021 TW Lighting IVY-40BK Buy Now
Best Desk Lamp Overall TaoTronics TT-DL11 Desk Lamp Buy Now
Best Desk Lamp for Office JUKSTG 36pcs LEDs Buy Now
Best Stylish Modern Desk Lamp DEEPLITE Clip on Buy Now
Best Small Desk Lamp TaoTronics Portable Buy Now
Best Desk Lamp for reading Simple Designs LD1003-BLK Buy Now
Best Charging Desk Lamp Yostyle LED Desk Lamp Buy Now
Best Desk Lamp Under 50 TOMOL Super Bright Buy Now

Start Reviews…

Best TW Lighting IVY-40BK LED Desk Lamp

Best LED Desk Lamps of 2021

TW Lighting IVY-40BK The IVY LED Desk Lamp with USB Port, 3-Way Touch Switch, Black

Check Price On Amazon

IVY LED USB Desk Lamp captivates any surface lighting application by providing up to 500 lumens of exceptional 80+ CRI light while achieving up to 71 lumens per watt. This handy energy saving desk lamp has high efficiency LEDs paired with a secondary diffuser lens to laterally advance the light onto a work area while remaining cool to the touch.

This desk lamp system is an exceptional option for electrical efficiency, overall performance and value. The IVY LED Desk Lamp comes with a convenient, built-in USB charger for cell phones and devices. With 3 optional finishes of Pink (PK), Black (BK), and White (WT), it is sure to enhance any work space.

The space saving design makes this desk lamp ideal for use where additional energy savings is desired. The IVY LED Desk Lamp is ideal for replacing up to 50W incandescent/halogen equivalent light sources in desk lamps used in schools, universities, offices, hotels, motels and home offices. Great for home, office, college dorm, school, hotel; Basic style for men, women, teens, kids, students; For computer or writing desk, bed side table; For homework, study, book reading, indirect light; Perfect for secretary, typist, editor, accountant and more.

  • Built-in USB outlet port phone & Perfect device charging for charging iPhone & android smart cell phones; Extending, adjusting neck – great space saver; Cool stylish white modern contemporary design with touch dimmable brightness
  • 3 level dimmer dimming from task to ambient light; Nichia high efficiency LED, best longest lasting; Save up to 65% energy –uses as little as 3 watts
  • Great for home, office, college dorm, school, hotel; Basic style for men, women, teens, kids, students; For computer or writing desk, bed side table; For homework, study, book reading, indirect light; Perfect for secretary, typist, editor, accountant and more Go to Top

Best TaoTronics TT-DL11 LED Desk Lamp

Best LED Desk Lamps of 2021

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp, TT-DL11 Flexible Gooseneck Table Lamp

Check Price On Amazon

Dive deeper into your tasks with your perfect lighting. Simply slide your finger along the touch control panel to cast an even, flicker-free light. Designed with 5 colors & 7 brightness levels for one-of-a-kind illumination.

This product is amazing. Personally, I’m always skeptical about making a purchase because I want it to be a quality one. So naturally, I was skeptical about this light.
I received it 2 days later thanks to prime shipping and it comes well packaged, very secure. I set up the neck in the position I want it, plugged it in and was impressed at the design and touch controls. I turned it on and was delighted from the bright white light that it sets off. I needed a light for my room that could bounce off walls a little, but nothing too bright like a ceiling light. I like to keep my room a bit shady. I have it on low and when setting it to the highest setting it can get bright enough to light up my whole room. I can even read from across the room where the lamp is set. I’ve attached some pictures so you can see the difference between the lowest setting and the highest setting. Go to Top

Best Lampat LED Desk Lamp

Best LED Desk Lamps of 2021

Lampat LED Desk Lamp, Dimmable LED Table Lamp Black

Check Price On Amazon

This lamp is great. It has four lighting settings and you can additionally adjust the brightness on each setting. The height is easily adjustable so the people who mentioned having trouble with glare clearly didn’t understand they could just move the lamp’s head around. Has a 60 minute timer and a USB port. Very Easy to assemble

  • LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, Black
  • 4 lighting modes, 5 level brightness
  • USB charging port
  • Natural light protects eyes
  • 1 hour auto-off Go to Top

Best TaoTronics Portable LED Desk Lamp

Best TaoTronics Portable LED Desk Lamp

TaoTronics Portable LED Desk Lamp, Dimmable Small Desk Lamp

Check Price On Amazon

Activate your favorite color / brightness setting easily via the touch pad and create your ideal lighting position with the multi-joint arm

Enjoy life to the fullest with TaoTronics. From industry-leading LED lighting solutions to home goods and audio devices, we put users at the center of our decisions and design products that address life’s needs and help you make the most of your daily activities.I got it for my bedroom. It’s overall good for the purposes of using as a night bed light.

It’s not the brightest out there. It’s good and overall I’m satisfied. I have another one from a different brand where the buttons are vertical on the pole, I prefer that design more than the buttons being on the base of the lamp because it’s better to rest a phone and also with this I have to guess where the buttons are. But it suits the purpose of using as a night lamp and it’s at a really good price. So I’m satisfied.

  • Ergonomic Touch Button: Effortlessly switch between 3 color modes (white, warm white, and natural white) and 5 brightness levels
  • Energy Efficient, Long-Lasting Bulb: Class A energy saving LED bulb lasts up to 50,000 hours under normal use
  • Automatic Memory Function: Easily maintain your favorite settings; the lamp automatically selects the brightness level you chose before. The brightness and mode of the last use can be memorized in case of constant power, but cannot be memorized after unplugging the power
  • Lightweight and Adjustable: Multi-joint arm for ultimate functionality; sleek, compact form for easy positioning in any environment
  • Convenient Dual Power Supply: Power via USB cable or AC adapter for use anywhere, any time. You can use the mobile power to power the desk lamp, but the lamp itself does not have a battery

Best Desk Lamp, JUKSTG 36pcs LEDs

Best Desk Lamp, JUKSTG 36pcs LEDs

Desk Lamp, JUKSTG 36pcs LEDs 14W 7 Dimming Levels Table Lamps

Check Price On Amazon

This lamp is so worth it, it’s affordable and the design has a minimalistic modern sleek look. It has 4 light modes: Reading, Study, Relax and Sleep. It also has a 60 min timer to shut down. There is also a +/- buttons to increase and decrease the intensity of the light.

It has an adjustable “neck” (if you want the height to be high or low)and the top where the actual light is also adjustable where you can tilt it up or down.  This little lamp is great oh my craft table. It hovers right over me and I’m able to work well into the evening with it. At night it can really light up a small spot like a desk or side table, but during the day it’s shine is trumped by the sun. So if you plan on using this lampe for additional light during the day, it might not be a good fit for you.

  • Lighting Modes and 7 Brightness Levels】 Desk Lamp comes with sensitive touch control for 7 brightness and 4 lighting mode adjustment, which best matchs your need of sleeping,studying,reading,or relaxing.
  • 【Multi-Angle Adjustments for Optimized Lighting】Rotate the lamp arm up to 180°as the picture shown or swivel the base by 90°for a best illumination.
  • 【Convenient USB Charging】Recharge your devices via the 5V/1A USB output.
  • 【1-Hour Auto Time Off】Turns the light off automatically to save on your electricity bill. Go to Top

Best Simple Designs LD1003-BLK Desk Lamp

Simple Designs LD1003-BLK Basic Metal Flexible Hose Neck Desk Lamp, Black

Simple Designs Home LD1003-BLK Basic Metal Desk Lamp with Flexible Hose Neck

Check Price On Amazon

A nice, low-cost, and functional desk lamp to meet your basic lighting needs. This desk lamp features a painted  metal base and shade, flexible hose neck, and On/Off switch located on the base for your convenience. Perfect for office, kids room, or college dorm.This was just what I needed. I wanted an inexpensive lamp that I could direct the light from. I wanted it for a bit of extra light for when I am photographing small things, reading, and at times testing light bulbs. 🙂

It works great- I am able to point it about any way I want, and I love that it has a form factor that about anyone knows, as it is a fairly common type of lamp. It also fits the LED grow light I have, which has a pretty big bulb.

Mine came in pristine perfectly clean condition. In included a few photos so you could see how it bends and turns. Go to Top

  • A nice, low-cost, and functional desk lamp to meet your basic lighting needs
  • Perfect for office, kids room, or college dorm. Painted metal shade and base
  • features a painted metal base and shade, flexible hose neck, and ON/OFF switch located on the base
  • Uses 1 x 60W Type A Medium Base Bulb (not included)
  • Dimensions: H: 13″ Shade Diameter: 5″
  • A nice and functional desk lamp to meet your basic lighting needs.
  • This desk lamp features a painted metal base and shade, flexible hose neck, and ON/OFF switch located on the base for your convenience.

Best LEPOWER Eye-Caring Desk Lamp

Best LEPOWER Eye-Caring Desk Lamp

LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp, Eye-Caring Table Lamp, Study Lamps

Check Price On Amazon

LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp is a part of LEPOWER’s continuing pursuit for creating highly efficient and convenient products for our customers. We produce durable and energy saving lights with professional designers and decorators. It has a beautiful and classic shape design, which is not only a desk reading lamp, but also a modern decoration for your bedroom and office.

A nice, low-cost, and functional metal desk lamp to meet your basic lighting needs, perfectly for reading, also elegant looking as a decoration. Bulb is not included in the package. With an E26 sized screw base, the bulb can be installed as desired. To avoid overheating, we suggest you using LED bulb 4W-6W, energy saving bulb 8W-16W, incandescent bulb 20W-40W (40W MAX). With high-quality metal lampshade and base, enduring, durable and aesthetic, brightens your living room, bedroom, study room, office, kids room, or college dorm.

  • METAL MATERIAL: The lamp is integrated with high-quality metal lampshade and base, enduring, durable and aesthetic, brightens your living room, bedroom or study room.
  • ON/OFF SWITCH: The switch is located on the base of the lamp for quick and easy use.
  • BULB REQUIREMENTS: Bulb is not included in the package. With an E26 sized screw base, the bulb can be installed as desired. We suggest you using LED bulb 4W-6W, energy saving bulb 8W-16W, incandescent bulb 20W-40W (40W MAX)
  • ADJUSTABLE ANGLE: The flexible swing arm which makes it easy to find the perfect lighting angle. Simple and lightweight. Perfect for office, kids room, or college dorm.
  • LEPOWER WARRANTY:12-month warranty for quality problem. Please feel free to buy! Go to Top

DEEPLITE Clip on Touch Control Table Lamp

DEEPLITE Clip on Touch Control Table Lamp

DEEPLITE Clip on Lamp Touch Control Table Lamp

Check Price On Amazon

Never thought a simple desk lamp could be life-changing. This is it. I am in the over 50 crowd with normal near vision eyesight decline. This beauty is really a game changer around the house and office. This could be one of my favorite purchases ever. Sounds like an over statement? It’s not. I felt like a giddy kid first using this lamp.

I am sending early Christmas presents to my parents, in-laws and college kid. Key points. 1. Design. This is beautiful, simple and works. Triple light touch button adjustment gives you three light intensity settings for eye comfort. No clicking just a soft touch. I love the bendable neck. Looks fantastic, fun and very functional. Many LED lights have a harsh unnatural glare. This is still and LED but much more natural and to me easier on the eye.

We lose power frequently and charged up I now have extra ready to use lights. Bam! 2. Value. Impossible to believe this is built, sold and available at this crazy low price. I’m buying more before y’all get em and there is wait. Ha! The only product improvement suggestion that might be already be offered is I would like different colors. I read a lot of newspapers and get some ink on my hands. I expect this to transfer to the white but I can deal and clean off. A black model would solve this possible concern. Happy shopping! Go to Top

  • Battery Operated clamp lamp: Equipped with built-in battery, no need to plug in when using, cordless and portable to take to anywhere freely, especially there is limited outlets and power outage happens
  • Dimmable Touch Control: Touch sensitive control with 3-level brightness adjustable, best clamp on lamp for reading, working, studying, camping or emergency use, suitable for college dorm, office, bedroom, living room, kids room, bathroom, etc
  • Flexible and foldable clip on lamp: The gooseneck with 360°flexibility, it allows you to light up where you needed. It also can be folded into a small lamp so that it don’t take up too much space when travel

Best LED Desk Lamp Light with 4 USB Charging

Best LED Desk Lamp Light with 4 USB Charging

LED Desk Lamp Light with 4 USB Charging Port and 2 AC Power Outlet

Check Price On Amazon

Yostyle LED Desk Table Lamp Light with 4 Surge Protector USB Charging Port and 2 AC Power Outlet, 8.2FT Long Extension Cord Power Strip Station, 3 Level Brightness, Eye-Caring Foldable Lamp for Bedside Office Hotel Dorm

Good for home, office, college dorm, school, hotel,dorm; Basic style for men, women, teens, kids, students; For computer or writing desk, bed side table,night stand,task work,end table; For homework, study, book reading, indirect light; Perfect for secretary, typist, editor, accountant and more

4 Port USB Charging Ports The USB charging port integrated into the lamp base is designed to keep your mobile phones, tablets, kindle readers, iPad, iPhone or any other devices charging. The USB port functions regardless of whether the lamp is on or off.

2 Power Outlet This table lamp is designed with Two 3-Prong AC Outlet on the lamp base. No need to bend over to find a charger anymore with the help of Dual AC Outlets. A great multi-functional lamp in your desk.

Eye-friendly Design With 48 high-quality LED beads for emitting soft, stable and non-flickering light, which is friendly to your eyes

Adjustable Angle & Space-saving With 180° flexible arm and 90° base axis, you can effortlessly adjust the lamp for ideal illuminating angle and coverage Foldable lamp head and arm for most space saving, suitable to be placed/stored in book shelf, bag, suitcase

Key Features

  • Eye-caring Led Desk Lamp Light
  • 2 AC Outlets
  • 4 USB Charging Ports
  • 4 Adjustable Brightness
  • 180° Adjustable flexible arm
  • Foldable lamp head and arm for most space saving, suitable to be placed/stored in book shelf, bag
  • 8.2FT Long Power Extension Cord
  • Smart & Fast Charging Up to 2.4A Go to Top

Best TOMOL Super Bright Portable Desk Lamp

[New Version] TOMOL Super Bright COB LED Portable Desk Lamp Travel Lamp :Foldable, Touch Sensitive Control, 3 Adjustable Brightness Levels, Battery and USB Powered

TOMOL Super Bright COB LED Portable Desk Lamp Travel Lamp

Check Price On Amazon

Just what needed to illuminate nicely a very remote keyboard and mouse combo when don’t want a full bedroom illumination. It’s used with 4 AA rechargeable 2600 Mah bats which adds added weight to lower bottom to stay standing upright while fully extended. First or second setting is sufficient for full keyboard illumination and less eye strain while working on a dark bedroom.

It’s ideal as a side nightstand too. To turn lamp on just touch lightly with finger tips around O middle switch, touching it again and again will increase light intensity and use all 3 light levels to suit your particular illumination needs.

I have tried a number of different portable lamps. I depend on them for reading, when on the computer, as well as when traveling. I can read or use my I-pad without disturbing my wife. The TOMOL light is the finest I have found. It folds up to about the size of a deck of playing cards. The three light intensities are perfect. The lowest setting is all that I have needed, thus far

  • SUPER BRIGHT & UPDATED: Equipped with new COB LED technology,the COB Desk Light can output 220 lumens of intense light.This Updated COB Desk Lamp is about 3 times brighter than the old 24 LED Desk Lamp
  • TOUCH CONTROL: Features sensitive touch control for easy lamp brightness adjustment. Includes 3 levels of brightness
  • FOLDABLE: Lightweight, can be folded in any angle, space-saving, easy to use and carry, It can fold to a handy compact size that easily fits into a pocket or purse. Folds flat to 5” x 3” x 1.75” and can be extended to 13” high with many adjustable positions in between
  • BATTERY AND USB POWERED: Powered by 4xAA Batteries (not included) or USB cord (included) ,energy-saving and eco-friendly.

Buyers Guide:Best Led Desk Lamp

Best CheapBest AffordableBest 10 List 2021Best Buyers Guide

What is the purpose of your desk lamp?

Of course, the most basic purpose of a lamp is to provide light. The desk lamp holds a much more practical purpose. A Common name for desk lamp lighting is ‘task lighting’. You will be increasing your productivity because the right kind of task lighting can affect your mood in a positive way and reduce eye strain. 

How much light do you really need?

There is no evidence to support that bad lighting will affect your vision for long term. Although, there is substantial evidence that poor lighting will have uncomfortable short term affects like headaches and extreme eye strain. Go to Top

How To Choose a Led Desk Lamp

Things to Consider Before Buying a Desk Lamp

After extensive research on desk lamps, completed by asking ourselves the same questions I mentioned above. We came up with what we thought were the best attributes to consider when choosing a great desk lamp.

What we actually created is a complete desk lamp buying guide that we have broken down into 11 things to consider before buying a desk lamp.

1. Consider the desk lamp types

Based on the bulb types, there are 5 types of desk lamps.

Halogen Desk Lamp

These types of lamps are great if you do a lot of reading at your desk. They offer a bright natural light that makes it easy to focus on text. The bright white light of a halogen lamp decreases eye strain.

The halogen light bulb will last about 2 to 3 times longer than a regular bulb. The unique thing about halogen bulbs is they use 10% to 20% less energy than a standard light bulb.

Incandescent Desk Lamp

Incandescent desk lamps use a typical light bulb that produces light from the heat of the filament burning inside the bulb. This type of lamp gives off a warm slightly yellowish glow.

That makes it an excellent light source for the evening time! These desk lamps run a little cheaper than the others, but the bulb does not last as long.

Full-Spectrum Desk Lamp

If you’re a graphic designer, interior designer or you have a job where seeing color in detail is necessary. Then a Full-Spectrum desk lamp is ideal for you. These lamps make color look exceptional because the light actually covers the electromagnetic spectrum from infrared to near ultraviolet.

That is basically what our sun does when its light splashes across the earth. The full spectrum light is also known for having an increase in brightness as well as visual sharpness. It has been declared that it will increase workplace productivity.

Fluorescent Desk Lamp

This particular type of desk lamp comes in several shapes and styles; sometimes making it easier to find one that goes with your decor.

A Fluorescent desk lamp gives out a nice even coverage across your workspace with very natural looking light.

Fluorescent bulbs are also very efficient; they last almost 11 times longer than traditional bulbs. Another feature of the fluorescent bulb is it only gives off about 30% of its heat.

LED Desk Lamp

First off, LED lights produce remarkably less heat than all the other lights mentioned above. The LED Desk Lamp is the new era of desk lamps. They come in many unique designs to make for a sleeker looking desk top lamp.

An LED is a directional light meaning it creates a concentrated beam of light rather than sending light out in all directions.

So, what does this mean exactly? It will produce light down on your work area with no glare and no stray light shining back into your eyes.

The Lifespan of an LED light can last up to 50,000 hours. The LED desk lamps do come with a bit of a higher price tag but they also cost a fraction on your energy bill compared to all the other types of desk lamps.

2. Consider the features

Are you getting a lamp with the right type of light bulb for your projects? Always consider your lighting needs before making any purchase.

Many Lamps come with dimmer switches and other lighting features. If aesthetics are important to you then of course consider the decor of the lamp you choose.

Make sure you know what height you would like your desk lamp to be. Although many lamps come with adjustable or flexible arms to adjust height to your needs at the moment.

Then there is brightness, make sure you get a desk lamp that will offer the brightness that you desire. As mentioned before, brightness is usually dictated by the type of bulb that is used in your desk lamp.

3. Consider the material

Desk lamps are made from a few different kinds of materials. The most common being plastic mold, a flexible metal neck that is covered in plastic, ceramic, wood, etc…

The choice of what material you would like your desk lamp to be solely depends on if it is a practical fit to your already existing office.

4. Consider Bulb Type

The type of bulb you choose will determine many things about the output of light your desk lamp will allow. Knowing what the main objective will be at your work station should help you choose what type of bulb you need a little easier.

As mentioned above each type of desk lamp light bulb offers its own unique benefits.

5. Consider lighting adjustments

Many Desk Lamps come with many different types of lighting adjustments. These can be from having a dimmer control and a low/high power switch, to adjustment controls that let you adjust ambient, accent lighting, etc.

Make sure you understand what adjustment controls you might want to come with your desk lamp.

6. Consider Lamp Size

Of course, desk lamps come in many different sizes. How big is your desk or workspace? How big or small would you like a desk lamp to be? These are just some simple questions to ask yourself. I’m sure you can come up with others.

7. Consider Design

Do you want a desk lamp with a practical design? Or are you going for something snazzy looking to go with your already in place office decor?

I would suggest carefully looking at the design of the desk lamp you are considering to buy. For one thing, does the lamp’s base look sturdy enough?

Will the lamp fit in the space it will be designated to stand?

These are just a few things to consider when looking at the design of a desk lamp for your workspace.

8. Consider brightness and light Adjustability

As mentioned before, the brightness of your desk lamp is mostly due to the type of bulb that is being used. But some desk lamps, like the Full Spectrum, can adjust the brightness level to your desire.

The brightness level you want really lies with what type of activity you are performing at your desk, as well as, what you believe to be optimal brightness.

So, choose which type of desk lamp you want wisely, especially when it comes to the amount of brightness you want.

9. Consider Power Type

Do you want a desk lamp with a cord or not? You have many choices from lamps with cords that plug straight into a regular wall jack.

Maybe you want a cordless desk lamp? In today’s market, there are many new LED desk lamps that come with rechargeable USB ports.

There are also battery operated desk lamps. Choosing what type of power you want to run your desk lamp with is definitely a personal and practical decision you should consider.

10. Consider how much energy the desk lamp is consuming

Not every desk lamp is as energy efficient as the next one. The least efficient is the incandescent desk lamp with the most efficient being the LED desk lamp.

Definitely do your research into what energy output is being used by the desk lamp you decide to purchase.

11. Consider Price and Warranty

What kind of budget do you have?  This is usually a big factor to consider. Some lamps are very inexpensive but they may lack many functions like light adjustment.

While others can have a higher price tag, they generally come with all the bells and whistles to give you full control over your desk top lighting needs.

I suggest you always consider what type of warranty comes with the desk lamp you are interested in buying.

Final Thought

The research that went into our desk lamp for 2021 helped us discover many things about what to look for in a good desk lamp.

If you’re considering getting a new desk lamp for your home office or for work. I hope these desks lamp buying tips gave you the understanding you needed to help you with choosing the right desk lamp in 2021.

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